Heart Websites, the partner web agency

From design to implementation

From graphic web interface design to mobile development, SEO, website redesign and netlinking, the web agency supports you in all your digital projects. It implements a well-developed action plan to optimize your digital marketing strategy, content strategy, SEO strategy, SEA, SEM and SMO. As an expert in sales development, we reinforce your site’s tree structure, and will set the example!

Website design

Website design tailored to the needs of the online business/brand and prospects.

  • Website design
  • Corporate website design
  • Blog and e-shop design

Web design & graphics

The creation of various graphic elements to complement and optimize a website’s visual identity.

  • Logo & menu design
  • Graphic charter development
  • Creation of interactive elements

Webmarketing strategy

The implementation of a relevant webmarketing strategy, optimized for search engines.

  • Marketing strategy design
  • Site traffic optimization
  • Marketing performance audit & monitoring


Site optimization & redesign

A site’s SEO performance is optimized by making the necessary technical updates. In some cases, a complete overhaul of the site may be necessary to achieve better ROI. A digital communications agency is an expert in website optimization and redesign. It is able to correct blocking points in the graphic and ergonomic design of the site to achieve better positioning on Google, as is the case for


Your own unique SEO strategy!

SEO Audit

A technical analysis of a website’s natural referencing and its weaknesses.


The evaluation of a site’s performance in relation to the competition, for continuous improvement.


Internal linking and external link campaigns to optimize Google referencing.


Targeting keywords according to the semantics and theme of the website.


Creation and management of showcase sites on WordPress, and updates.


Social media strategy too!

A good social media strategy helps generate qualified leads for your digital business. Indeed, social media offer many opportunities to achieve greater online visibility, expand your network and increase your sales. It’s all about visual communication and maintaining exchanges with your community. As an expert in community management, our web agency takes charge of your social network accounts.


Relevant graphic solutions

Your image is a priority!

A picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to web and mobile development, graphics play an important role in generating leads, acquiring qualified traffic and building customer loyalty.

The webdesign agency works on your brand image by proposing relevant and effective graphic solutions for your digital business. It develops your charter and graphic design in line with your objectives, desires and expectations. It uses various web tools and technologies to design logos, web ads, menus, tabs, CTA buttons, web page design… The web agency also provides useful updates for all web content and on-site graphics.